London private security guards offer high quality surveillance and monitoring services that are geared to meet the needs of corporate clients, property managers and commercial and financial institutions. These surveillance services cover a full range of operations related to security, including vehicle tracking, CCTV video surveillance and video monitoring, pre-positioned surveillance equipment and a wide range of security guard jobs such as CCTV operator, CCTV monitor position and licence verification specialist, CCTV camera operator and/or security guard. Other important positions that can be taken by a London private security guard include a CCTV technician, an operations engineer / systems manager, an electrical and electronic engineer, a surveillance equipment technician and a communication electrician.

How to Help CCTV Security Guards For Security Monitoring?

One of the most common duties of the guards is to respond to requests for assistance from members of the public. This may include calls from residents or tenants, emergency services, or police. The Connecticut private security guards are proficient at observing suspicious behaviour and responding to them in a courteous and professional manner. If the alarm is activated, the guard will then contact the police or the resident. Some of the safety features that are offered by most of the surveillance equipment installed by the guards are –

Depending on the type of contract entered into between the client and the security company, the clients can get cameras and other security devices for managing outdoor and indoor security. Security guards from the London private security company can also install a panic switch, which allows them to activate the emergency system when the building’s security is compromised. Panic switches are normally used only when there is an active threat or if the building is in a no-fire zone. A panic switch is activated once an incident has been reported, and in many cases, the system continues to work even when the building’s security has been breached.